16 April 2013
Gourdon Concert

A concert and live recording took place at Gourdon Village Hall on Saturday, 13th April  2013, to raise funds for the newly-refurbished Maggie Law Maritime Museum.

The concert, organised by Dave Ramsay and Ray Milne,featured a host of local entertainers and musicians. The funds raised,will continue to upgrade the education provision which the museum has to offer.

Lathallan School and Gourdon Primary School have been involved in designing educational activities for the museum.

The Primary Five pupils at Gourdon have written one song for the recording, called 'the Gourdon Fishermen' and based on interviews with fishermen, information from parents and relatives and the local community - all of which has been further used to produce their very own book of poetry and art,and a dictionary of special Gourdon words.

Ross Hull, an accomplished and award-winning young fiddler, has composed a special piece for the occasion,paying tribute to those fishermen lost at sea from
Gourdon and other fishing communities.

The family of the late Robert (Bobby) Gowans,a fisherman in Gourdon,donated his button key accordion to the Maggie Law Museum, as he used to entertain the customers in the Harbour Bar.

His speciality piece was the Jacqueline Waltz, made famous by the late Jimmy Shand.

As a tribute to Robert, Pete Murray an accomplished button key player, played and recorded a selection of pieces on exactly the same type of accordion as that used by Gowans.

All the music and poetry for the evening, has been specially selected and written, with a theme of Tales of the Sea and the Maggie Law, and the recording will then be sold to raise funds for the museum.

Dave Ramsay said, "Although we have produced similar concerts and recordings before, this one was special because of the involvement of the people of Gourdon and the local school, providing a real flavour of village history and heritage,in poetry and song. They are making an enormous contribution to the rich maritime history of Gourdon and the Maggie Law."

See the entertainers in photo below.

a group of performers at the maggie law concert

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