The Maggie Law Maritime Museum

Sponsors, donors and acknowledgements to 14 / 11/ 15


This list acknowledges all the people and organisations who have supported the refurbishment of the Museum.  This includes volunteers, business and community groups, schools, and businesses who provided goods or services or discounts as their contribution, and people who donated new exhibits to the Museum.  


All activities have had a focus on supporting small local businesses, thereby   providing maximum mutual benefit from grant aid and donations. Only three paid services have been provided from outwith an 8-mile radius of Gourdon.


  1. Touchwood, Market Square, Inverbervie
  1. John G. Aitken, (Architectural Agent) Architectural Services, Stonehaven
  1. Charles McHardy, Butchers, Market Square, Stonehaven
  1. The Harbour Bar, Gourdon (Dorward family donation, Bottle Donation, Raffle prizes)
  1. David Stephen, Fish Merchant Gourdon
  1. Bruce and Debbie Dorward, The Harbour Bar, Painting
  1. The Vinyl Cut, Carmont, Winner of the Roland DG Creative Awards, (UK Division)
  1. Aberdeenshire Council, Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee, Viewmount, Stonehaven
  1. Aberdeen Astronomy Society
  1. Gourdon Community Council, Gourdon (Planning Application, Sponsorship of Clock)
  1. Ian Craig, Monkstone Fish Merchant, Gourdon
  1. Richard Toley, Headmaster, staff and Civilianship pupils of Lathallan School, Brotherton, Johnshaven
  1. Sandra Japp Head Teacher, Susan Madden, Project Teacher, staff and pupils of Gourdon Primary School
  1. Gourline, Gourdon
  1. Castle Charter Trips
  1. Aberdeenshire Council (Kincardine and Mearns) Top up Fund
  1. Aberdeenshire Council (Kincardine and Mearns) Regeneration Fund
  1. Aberdeenshire Council (Kincardine and Mearns) Arts Forum
  1. Aberdeenshire Council (Kincardine and Mearns) Small Village Grant Scheme
  1. Aberdeenshire Council (Visual Impairment Team, Mackie Academy)
  1. Kate McKay, (Graphics) The Angel Loft Kinneff
  1. Robertson Printers, Forfar
  1. William Beattie and Son, Inverbervie
  1. George McGillivray, Webecommarketing, Stonehaven
  1. A Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Association 01569 – 750730
  1. Andy Barnett, Graphic Design, (Maggie Law logo) Gourdon
  1. PHI Studios, Insch 01461 – 821300
  1. Magic Brollie Productions, Inverurie
  1. Celtic Chords, Barclay Street Stonehaven, 01569 – 763913
  1. Standard Security Systems Limited, Stonehaven
  1. John Craig, Roofing Services, Gourdon
  1. Roy Gauld, Electrical Contractor, Catterline
  1. Raymond Craig, Joinery Services, Gourdon
  1. Charlie Wood, Joinery Services, Forfar
  1. Michael Mann, Joinery Services, Gourdon
  1. Kate McKay, The Angel Loft, Graphic Design, Whistleberry, Kinneff.
  1. Aqua Aid (North East) Unit 13, Spurryhillock Industrial Estate, Stonehaven
  1. Graham Johnston, Stonehaven Kitchens
  1. CETCO Oilfield Services, Portlethen
  1. The Rotary Club of Stonehaven
  1. Scottish Business in the Community, Aberdeen
  1. Aqua Terra Solutions, Kintore
  1. Mike Samson Drumlithie, Community Art Volunteers
  1. Signal Tower Museum, Arbroath (Angus Council)
  1. OTEAC, Maryculter, Sandy Brown
  1. George Gilmour, (Mechanic) Carnoustie
  1. McKay Boat builders, Arbroath
  1. Angus Decorators Arbroath
  1. Stirfresh, Lunan, Angus
  1. Harbour Bar, Gourdon (Telescope)
  1. Ruth and Alex, Hornblowers, Gourdon
  1. Charleton Fruit Farm, Montrose
  1. Turnkey Gallery, Arbroath
  1. Gourline, Gourdon
  1. David Stephen, Fish Merchant, Gourdon
  1. Ian Craig, Fish Merchant, Gourdon
  1. Raymond Munro, Auto Body Repairs, Gourdon
  1. Able Care Mobility Aids, Aberdeen
  1. Impact Imaging, Laurencekirk
  1. PHI Studios, Insch
  1. The Mill Recording Studio, Hirn, Bachory
  1. Montrose Coastguard Station
  1. The Arch Café, Fettercairn, Fasque Estate
  1. The Links Hotel, Montrose
  1. Bervie and District Probus Club
  1. Ray and Raymond Milne,The Shell Hoosie, Stonehaven
  1. Evelyn Watt, (Decorations) Catterline
  1. Ian McIntosh, Wood Turner, Catterline
  1. David Craig, Model Builder, Johnshaven
  1. David Doig, Distillery Manager, Fettercairn Distillery, Fettercairn
  1. Victoria Anderson, RSPB, Aberdeen
  1. The Guide Dog Association, Forfar
  1. Alan Larnoch, Gourdon, Museum Flag and Storage Facilities
  1. Alan Ritchie, Gourdon, (Donation of Model Boat, The Happy Return) 
  1. George Carr, Marine Engineer, Gourdon
  1. John Gove, Gourdon
  1. Hugh Nelson, Gourdon
  1. John Walker, Gourdon
  1. Montrose Museum
  1. National Oilwell Varco, (NOV) Forties Road, Montrose DD10 9ET
  1. Rachael Knight THOTMHA (Researcher)
  1. Bronwyn Tudor THOTMHA(Graphics) Laurencekirk
  1. Neal Weston THOTMHA (Researcher) (Lost Villages Project)
  1. Margaret Sutherland THOTMHA(Researcher)
  1. Ray Milne THOTMHA(Researcher) (Lost Villages Project)
  1. The late Gerry McGuinness, Johnshaven, THOTMHA (Researcher)
  1. Celia Craig, Stonehaven THOTMHA(Researcher)
  1. Melvin Craig, Gourdon, THOTMHA
  1. Jacky Niven, Graphic Designer,Gourdon
  1. Margaret Davidson, Grampian Ancestry, Inverbervie
  1. Alex Welsh, Gourdon (Film Archive)
  1. Castle Charter Sea Trips, Stonehaven
  1. Robert Ritchie Hi – fi Centre, Murray Street, Montrose
  1. Newtonhill Bowling Club
  1. The Belvedere Hotel, Stonehaven
  1. British Telecom
  1. Jim Brown, Harbourmaster, (Johnshaven, Gourdon, Stonehaven)
  1. Alan Brown, Infographix, Graphic Design, Montrose

99.  Tim Taylor, DEA, Adviser, Job Centre Plus, Montrose

100.  NHS Retirement Fellowship, Brechin

101.  Jan McSmith, Gourdon

102.  Cornerstone Crafts, Stonehaven

103.  John Lewis, Visual Marketing, Aberdeen

104.  The Stonehaven Talking Newspaper

105.  Gourdon WRI

106.  Catterline WRI

107.  Kinneff WRI

108.  Glaxosmithkline, Retired Staff Association, Montrose

109.  Newtonhill Bowling Club

110.  Catterline and Kinneff Community Council

111.  Catterline Gala Committee

112.  Arbroath Football Club

113.  Tony and Diana Peters, and Kinneff Old Church Preservation Trust

114.  Scottish Northern Oil Wives, (SNOW) Stonehaven

115.  Stonehaven Probus Ladies Club

116.  Visit Scotland, Arbroath and Aberdeen

117.  Royal Bank of Scotland, Stonehaven

118.  Lloyds TSB, Stonehaven

119.  Family of the late Charles (Charlie) Dorward, Gourdon

120.  Family of the late Jim Mowat, Montrose

121.  Family of the late Ed Littlejohn, Arbroath

122.  Alan Searle, Catterline

123.  Mike McClaggan, Highway2Adventure, Montrose

124.  Philip King, Highland Dress Wear, Aberdeen

125.  Robert Lindsay, Marine Hotel, Stonehaven

126.  MRI, Stonehaven

127.  MacDougall and Masson, Stonehaven

128.  Kate Somervell, Photography

129.  Auchenblae Heritage Society

130.  George Stuart, Montrose

131.  Ron Stephen Photography, Blairgowrie

132.  Bill and Frances Greig, Gourdon

133.  Dorothy Miller, Catterline

134.  Pearl Scott, Aberdeen

135.  The Wood Group, Lynne Fraser, Catterline

136.  Talisman, Aberdeen, Lynne Fraser, Catterline

137.  Rick Stein

138.  Sir Steve Redgrave

139.  Dame Anne Begg MP

140.  Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire, Carol Kinghorn

141.  First Minister

142.  The Mearns Leader, Montrose Review, Kincardineshire Observer (Johnstone Press)

143.  The Courier and Advertiser (Kincardine and Mearns)

144.  Aberdeen Journals, Lang Stracht, Aberdeen

145.  Councillor Bill Howatson

146.  Councillor Jean Dick

147.  Councillor Dave Stewart

148.  Councillor George Carr

149.  Roy Souter, (A Wild and Rocky Coast) Gourdon

150.  Montrose Registry Office and Archivist

151.  Dave and Diane, the Crown Hotel, Inverbervie

152.  Macduff Aquarium

153.  St Cyrus Nature Reserve

154.  Fowlsheugh Nature Reserve

155.  Anstruther Fisheries Museum

156.  Kinnaird Head, Fraserburgh

157.  Maritime Museum, Irvine

158.  Aberdeen Maritime Museum

159.  Douglas Paterson (Fishing Boat Archivist)

160.  Grampian Police, Stonehaven (Crime Prevention and Community Policing)

161.  Walkers Shortbread, Aberlour

162.  Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen (Aberdeen)

163.  Cath Roberts (Artist) Gourdon

164.  Ross Hull (Musician) Stonehaven

165.  Tom Roberts (Musician) Gourdon

166.  Peterhead Probus Club

167.  Hugh Livingstone (Peterhead Burns Club)

168.  Alistair Reid, Inverbervie (Cutty Sark)

169.  Richard Blyth (Maritime History Curator) Cutty Sark Museum, Greenwich

170.  The Titanic Exhibition, Belfast

171.  John Costello, Gourdon

172.  John and Mary Forbes, Slains Park

173.  Arthur Mowat, Mobart Ltd, Aberdeen

174.  RNLI Arbroath, Lifeboat Crew

175.  First Drive Cars, Fetteresso, Stonehaven

176.  Nigel, Harbour Bar Gourdon  

177.  John Brooker, Billingham

178.  Geordie Bissett, G.F. Bissett,Building Contractors, Inverbervie

179.  Angus Tyres, Graeme Annandale, Arbroath,

180.  Grace Ferguson , Gourdon Grafters

181.  Ruari McLachlan, Castle Charter Marine Services, Stonehaven 

182.  The John Lewis Organisation, Aberdeen

183.  Dave Easton, Stonehaven (Painter and Decoprator)  

184.  Bervie Cabs (Roy and DoReen)

185.  Michael Mann, Joiners, Gourdon and Inverbervie

186.  Viking Direct, Office Supplies

187.  Business Fitness Solutions, Kinnellar, Aberdeenshire

188.  Peter Black, Panbride by Design, Carnoustie

189.  Johnston Paints, Aberdeen

190.  John Costello, Gourdon

191.  David and Michelle Drinkwater, Chapel of Barras

192.  Charlie Sands, Corporate Business Solutions, Stonehaven

193.  John Henderson,Wick

194.  National Farmers Union, Centenary Trust, Ingliston, Edinburgh

195.  The Clatterin’ Brig Restaurant, Fettercairn

196.  Mckenzie Print, Kirkhill, Dyce Aberdeen

197.  Passell Graphics, Duff Street, Aberdeen

198.  Brian Campbell, Gourdon

199.  George Baird, Resourceful IT, Stonehaven

200.  Flower Design, Stonehaven

201.  Scotmid, Inverbervie

202.  Dennis Milne, Gourdon

203.  Jim Swankie, Arbroath

204.  The Skipper and Wife, Sandra and Philip Fotheringham Gourdon

205.  Fotheringham Property Developments, Inverbervie Director, Allan Fotheringham  

206.  Compass Print, Aberdeen

207.  Angus Jacobsen, The Grange, Kinneff

208.  Merv and Gladys Harcus, Kirkwall Orkney

209.  Robert Forbes, Gourdon

210.  Specsavers, Stonehaven

211.  John and Mary Forbes, Slains Park, Kinneff

212.  Linda and James Mowatt, Inverbervie

213.  W.H. Smith, Stationers, Arbroath

214.  David Hendry, Proprietor, The Pinkfoot Press, Brechin, Angus, DD9 6JR

215.  Allan Fotheringham, Director, Fotheringham Property Developments, Inverbervie

216.  Country Kitchen, Catering Van, Gourdon  

217.  Visit Scotland, Customer Services / QA Inverness

218.  Joyce Inglis, Gourdon

219.  Bobby and Julia Davidson, The Gourdon Shop, Gourdon

220.  Gregor Stewart, Hairdresser, William Street, Gourdon

221.  Ronan and Iain Littlejohn, Johnshaven

222.  Raymond Connelly, RRC Controls, Ltd, Linton Business Park, Gourdon

223.  Allan Innes, Carpet Design, Stonehaven and Linton Business Park, Gourdon

224.  Oil Technics, Linton Business Park, Gourdon

225.  Survival Craft Inspectorate, Findon Shore, Findon

226.  Chris Van De Ruit, Joiner, Queens Court, Gourdon

227.  Turriffs of Montrose, Potato and Vegetable Suppliers

228.  LIDL, Montrose

229.  The Old Post Office Tearoom, Auchenblae

230.  Scotmid Supermarket, Inverbervie

231.  The British Legion, Montrose Branch

232.  Steamteam, 12 Coronation avenue, Montrose Angus DD10 9EA.  M: 07776488894 E: info@ steam /

233.  Drumtochty Castle Hotel, Fettercairn

234.  Evelyn Watt, (Bespoke Table Decorations) Catterline

235.  John Christison (Chairman) Arbroath Football Club

236.  Ally McCoist, Rangers Football Club, Glasgow 

237.  Roy and Doreen, Bervie Taxis, Inverbervie

238.  Bruce the Printers, Stonehaven

239.  Bronwyn Tudor, Graphic Designer, Laurencekirk

240.  Groundwater Ltd, Stonehaven

241.  John Mutch, Building Services, Aberdeen

242.  Gaelic College Skye

243.  Sandy Chalmers, Nurseryman, Burnsyde of Barras, Catterline 

244.  Celia Craig, Gourdon

245.  Tom Campbell, Brighter Bervie Gardening Group

246.  Aberdeen University (Danielle, Gabrielle, Translation Services)

247.  Jan Woscieszyw, NTS Ltd. The Haughs Industrial Estate, Inverbervie

248.  Graeme Lamb, Carlton Hotel,  Montrose (Adam Christie Event)

249.  Charles Michie (Chemists) Union St, Aberdeen

250.  The Whisky Exchange (Cutty Sark Whisky) London

251.  Fordoun Ladies Guild, Fourdon, Laurencekirk

252.  Robin and Hilda Shipp, Bristol

253.  Mearns Art House, Stonehaven

254.  Derek Addison, Print shop, High St, Montrose

255.  Allan Kennedy, Angus Decorating Company, Arbroath (Bervie RNLI Project)

256.  Gorilla Corrosion (Services) Ltd, Lunan Bay, by Montrose

257.  Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts greensleeves@eastlothianandborders

258.  Alistair McDonald, Press and Journal (Gaelic Translation)

259.  Yee Hua Ting, The Hague (Chinese Translation)

260.  Roy Duncan, Newtonhill, Donation of Model Lifeboat,

261.  Charly Harbord, Lathallan (Mandarin Translation)

262.  Gourdon Taxis,  – 01561 - 360018

263.  Pete Paterson, Carcassonne, France

264.  Dr. Katherine Grainger, CBE, Olympic Gold Rowing Medallist

265.  Chris Hall, Bannerman Butchers Inverbervie

266.  Sheena Anne Brennan, Canada, (Gourdon Hutt Family)

267.  Robert Hutt, Berkshire,

268.  TSB Stonehaven Branch

269.  Castle Trophies, Stonehaven

270.  Ian Black, Peterhead, donation of lifeboat model

271.  Robert Ritchie Montrose, donation of Brittania picture, signed by Margaret Thatcher

272.  Anne O’ Dowd, Inverbervie, donation of woodwork from the Jane Maria

273.  Martin Woodget, Oxfordshire, donation of Cutty Sark memorabilia

274.  Edrington, Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky

275.  Arbroath Golf Club

276.  Bervie Auctions, Inverbervie

277.  Neil Gammie, Fernieflatt Farm, Kinneff









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