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Access Statement

This statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to describe accurately the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Our Access statement has been written in the context and spirit of the Equality Act 2010, and reflects the principles of equality, diversity and “reasonable adjustment” to provide the widest possible access arrangements for a visitor attraction, for people with a wide range of special physical and sensory needs. This is our commitment to you, in our desire to provide you with a truly memorable visitor experience, tailored to meet your personal requirements.  

The Museum is based on two floors, with an external staircase to the upper floor or "Upper Deck". It has been designed to be disability friendly, with seating, audio visual tour guide facilities and an audio descriptive "Armchair Tour",  to enable visitors to maximise their visit to the Museum and the lower village and harbour area.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01561 361855 or email


⦁    For full details on how to reach us, please see the Finding Us section on the About Us page of our website. 
⦁    The Museum is situated in William Street, Gourdon,  with a designated disabled parking space across from the Museum (approximately 10 metres from the entrance).
⦁    Alternatively, if a person has severely restricted mobility, the car can be parked immediately at the Museum entrance, within a safe barrier area provided for wheelchair or other transfer. 
⦁    This area can also be used as a drop-off point, with on-street parking available around the Museum and old harbour. 
⦁    Accessible toilet facilities, coffee shops, bars and shops are available in Inverbervie, approximately a mile north of Gourdon.

⦁    The main entrance is easily and freely accessible from street level to entrance, with wheelchair and mobility scooter access to the inner entrance of the Museum.
⦁    The floor surface is of smooth concrete, and a chair is provided just inside the doorway.
⦁    If you are unable to fully access the ground floor or upper area due to the external stairs, an audio descriptive, audio visual "
Armchair Tour" is available with subtitles. Large print and Braille welcome boards are also available on entrance.
⦁    A tactile board is also available with Braille lettering, to describe the layout and location of the Maggie Law lifeboat within the Museum. 
⦁    Reading aids of various magnifications are provided at reception and throughout the Museum. Our thanks to Specsavers in Stonehaven for supplying these to us.
⦁    12 different language welcome boards are available on entry, as part of our commitment to diversity and to try to welcome people in their first language.
⦁    Audio boxes with headphones are available on the groundfloor of the Museum, providing information if you have any form of visual impairment. 
⦁    The visitor's book for signing and feedback, along with donations boxes and merchandise displays, are all at accessible levels of reach. Notepads and pens are available on the reception desk if required. 


⦁    All exhibits, notice boards, and information boards are provided in large text, illustrating the wide range of maritime artefacts and models, with maximum use made of colourful, bold print interpretive panels on both Lower and Upper Decks. 
⦁    A specialist maritime reference library is available within the Upper Deck of the Museum, along with a range of maritime archive albums about fishing, village life, lifeboats, coastguards, and other aspects celebrating the rich maritime heritage of Gourdon and Kincardineshire. 
⦁    A computerised Education Suite connects you to all the Maritime Museums in Scotland, and to the Titanic, Cutty Sark and Grace Darling websites. 
⦁    A hand held audio Tour Guide is available with an audio descriptive script, which enables you to enjoy the Museum at your own pace.
⦁    A warm welcome and short introduction to the Museum by staff volunteers enables us to assess how best to help you make the most of your visit to the Museum and to Gourdon village. 
⦁    Unfortunately there are no public toilet facilities within the Museum, given the nature and history of the building, or in the immediate vicinity. 
⦁    The public toilets in Gourdon are unfortunately currently closed. These toilets, which are wheelchair accessible in layout, are situated bext to the park on Brae Road as you enter the village; they are a substantial distance from the Museum, and would involve a steep uphill journey on foot. Parking is available at the roadside, adjacent to the toilets.
⦁    While the public toiletrs are closed, both the Harbour Bar and Quayside Restaurant are kindly allowing the public to use their toilets. The toilets in the Harbour Bar are accessible in layout for wheelchair users, and have clear and direct level access from the car park; toilets in the Quayside are upstairs..
⦁    The Museum is an approved Positive about Disabled People Employer (Double tick symbol) monitored and reviewed annually by Job Centre Plus, Montrose, in relation to volunteer recruitment, and support. Review and approved centre notice are on public display in the museum.
⦁    Evacuation procedures and assembly point instructions are displayed at the entrance to the Museum, and all staff are aware of procedures and visitor responsibilities.
⦁    Public liability insurance notices are clearly displayed on entering the Museum, and Health and Safety checklists are carried out at the opening and closure of every visitor session. 
⦁    A Health and Safety Accident and Incident book, is provided in the Museum for recording purposes. 
⦁    All trained assistance dogs are welcome, and a tethering post for family pets is provided at the entrance.  Only trained assistance dogs, have unlimited access to the Museum. 
⦁    Prior contact with the Museum in advance of a planned visit will able us to assist you in maximising our visitor attraction for your comfort and satisfaction: please phone 01561 361855 or email


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