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A Tribute to the

   Women of Gourdon

"Without the vital and skilled work of the women of Gourdon, line fishing could not have operated." 

That's the crystallised message of Celia Craig's book inspired by her long-standing passion for celebrating the history of Gourdon through collated interviews, photographs and poetry.


In her latest publication, Celia, who comes from a fishing family, focuses on the areas of baiting, sheeling, working in the fish houses, barrelling herring, and officiating at the Lifeboat Galas - where the women of the village have long played a central role. Featuring a strong photographic element and accompanying detailed social commentary, the tribute fondly narrates the stories of a collection of hard-working women, whose everyday lives will seem extraordinary to younger readers.

Copies of "A Tribute to the Women of Gourdon 1837-1986" are available from the Maggie Law Maritime Museum, and from Giulianotti's in Stonehaven. The electronic version of the complete text can be read online below.

Celia Craig
November  2015


Betty Stewart, Margaret Cargill, Nellie Cargill sheeling

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